Wednesday , 10 February 2016
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Film Review – The Revenant


This film I personally found quite difficult to watch, and despite it not being my sort of film, I can’t deny how good it is. Find out more in this week’s film review. Read More »



Here is Jamie with your entertainment round-up. Read More »

Film Review – Victor Frankenstein


Couldn’t quite put my finger on what wasn’t clicking for me in this film, and I wasn’t alone on that one. Find out more in this week’s film review. Read More »



Here’s Jamie with your entertainment news.   Read More »

Film Review – The Hateful Eight


Andy and I had a ridiculous amount of notes for this film! Simply structured if you think about it, yet there was a lot involved in working out this mystery. Here’s the review. Read More »

CBB First Week!


Hi, John here – all you need to know about the last 7 days in the Celebrity Big Brother House. As always, to get in touch, tweet @jenxymagix or @Gateway978 Read More »

Film Review – In The Heart Of The Sea


First film review back in the new year and it is a refreshing change to major action packed or comedy films. In The Heart Of The Sea is a film that is based on the true events that inspired Moby Dick, so be prepared for harshly realistic and emotional scenes. Check out the review. Read More »



Here is Jamie with your entertainment round-up. Read More »

New Years Eve London 2015


Gateway 97.8’s webmaster, Simon Turp, visited the New Years Eve 2015/2016 fireworks on London’s Southbank. It was a fantastic night, and Simon said it was the best display in London, to date. Simon has taken some photographs so you can all see the highlights. Read More »

Film Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star wars force awakens

What better way to wrap up our 2015 film reviews with than the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So much hype, scepticism and immense pressure to deliver a film from a franchise that spans decades and generations. Not only this but to do it justice and not disappoint both fans and newcomers. Having grown up watching all of the ... Read More »