Friday , 24 June 2016
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“Reading for pleasure is an incredibly important thing.” – #CoverKidsBooks and SF Said In Four and A Half Minutes


The Gateway 97.8 Young Adult Book Club spoke to children’s author SF Said about his campaign, #CoverKidsBooks, set up in February 2016 with the aim of increasing coverage of children’s books in the media. We’ve condensed our interview with him to give you a real essence of what the campaign is about. More information on the #CoverKidsBooks campaign can be found ... Read More »

Big Brother Update!


What’s been going on in the Big Brother house? John Jenkins has you covered with all the latest! Big Brother continues daily on Channel 5. Read More »

Film Review – Warcraft: The Beginning

Warcraft The Beginning

This week’s film review is on a film based on a well known series of games. Check out the review from me (someone who has barely scratched the surface playing the games) and Andy (someone it’s safe to say has played quite a lot more and has plenty more knowledge regarding the games) and see how our experience compares. Read More »

Big Brother Marco’s Eviction!


Marco has been evicted from the Big Brother house. As always, John Jenkins has all of the gossip: Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5. Read More »

Big Brother Live Twist!


Big Brother has revealed the latest twist in this year’s summer series. John Jenkins has all of the gossip. Big Brother continues on Channel 5 nightly. Let us know what you think about the series, tweet us @Gateway978 or @jenxymagix Read More »

Film Review – Alice Through The Looking Glass


Tricky one to review as I did enjoy it however there are a few points where I feel they could’ve done more. Find out what I mean in this week’s film review. Read More »

Big Brother’s Twist!


Big Brother delivered a shocking twist to the nation last night. The boss played swapsies with the Others and the main housemates and this has brought chaos! John Jenkins has the updates: Summary: Extended Summary: Let us know your thoughts on Twitter: @Gateway978, @jenxymagix. Big Brother continues on Channel 5. Read More »

Big Brother Launch!


The summer series of Big Brother is here and last night we saw the 12 housemates and 6 others enter the famous Borehamwood bungalow.  You can watch Big Brother on Channel 5 television. John Jenkins is here with the full roundup. To tell us what you think.  Contact @Gateway978 or @jenxymagix on Twitter! Read More »

Family Support from Essex County Council


On Thursday, the team from Family Support at Essex County Council visited Gateway, and the Radio Club spoke to the team and the young people who visited. Presented and edited by Josh.  Read More »

Film Review – X-Men: Apocalypse

x-men apocalypse

Pros and cons to this film, but to be honest the pros well outweigh the cons. Check out what Andy and I mean by this in this week’s film review. Read More »