Friday , 29 April 2016
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Weekend Breakfast

Film Review – The Huntsman: Winter’s War


This film lets you find out the story before “Snow White and the Huntsman”! That alone already intrigued me and thankfully the film didn’t disappoint. Check out why in the latest film review. Read More »

Film Review – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Split opinions on this film, but in all honesty still a good film overall. Check out what Andy and I thought made it such a good film, and what perhaps let it down a little. Read More »

Film Review – Kung Fu Panda 3 and Zootropolis


Special double-bill film review this week. Films filled with fun, laughs, adventure and much, much more to entertain the whole family! Check out what Andy and I have to say. 😀 Read More »

live from Jerusalem


We were live from Jerusalem on Easter Sunday during the last hour of Weekend Breakfast Danny caught up with Dom Chambers, Read More »

Film Review – Allegiant


The Divergent Series continues with this third film, Allegiant. Does it still have that on-edge factor as the first two films? Find out in this week’s film review. Read More »

Film Review – Hail, Caesar!

hail caesar poster

This is probably the most difficult film Andy and I have reviewed simply because we are utterly confused as to what we watched?! There was so much potential after watching the trailer and expectations were high after seeing the cast. There are a few good aspects regarding the film, unfortunately it didn’t seem to deliver. Check out the review. Read More »

Film Review – How To Be Single

how to be single

You can always rely on Rebel Wilson to bring you cringe-worthy humour. This rom-com brings you characters who each have their own wants and needs in life when it comes to love, yet their choices may not quite give them the outcome they were hoping for. Just remember, even if things don’t always go your way, it may turn out to ... Read More »

Film Review – Deadpool

Deadpool poster

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy this film as much as I did! Find out what makes it so great in this week’s film review. (Also turns out I was partially correct about Ryan Reynolds wanting Deadpool to be made, not so much that he grew up wanting to play him ever since he was a kid but rather ... Read More »

Film Review – Goosebumps


Time  for a bit of a twist to your typical family film this week, that is if you fancy some laughs and a few frights! See how Andy and I rated Goosebumps compared to it’s current 6.4 rating. Read More »

Film Review – Daddy’s Home


Ok so after watching quite a few violent and upsetting films containing scenes with a bit more blood splattered here and there than I would like (I know I’m such a girl), I thought it best to change things up a bit, and what better way than with a comedy! The New Year has seen a lot of very heavy films in my ... Read More »