Sunday , 14 February 2016
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Jag, Ron and Single Parents on The Inspiration Zone


Presenter Jag Singh discusses the issues affecting single parenting with his guest, single parent Ron Kiddell from Stifford Clays on the Inspiration Zone. Be sure to tune in on Sunday the 7th February at 3.00pm.   Britain has more single parents than almost any country in Europe. Ron had many challenges to contend with when he found himself with three children to bring ... Read More »

Film Review – The Revenant


This film I personally found quite difficult to watch, and despite it not being my sort of film, I can’t deny how good it is. Find out more in this week’s film review. Read More »

Film Review – Victor Frankenstein


Couldn’t quite put my finger on what wasn’t clicking for me in this film, and I wasn’t alone on that one. Find out more in this week’s film review. Read More »

Film Review – The Hateful Eight


Andy and I had a ridiculous amount of notes for this film! Simply structured if you think about it, yet there was a lot involved in working out this mystery. Here’s the review. Read More »

Film Review – In The Heart Of The Sea


First film review back in the new year and it is a refreshing change to major action packed or comedy films. In The Heart Of The Sea is a film that is based on the true events that inspired Moby Dick, so be prepared for harshly realistic and emotional scenes. Check out the review. Read More »

Film Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star wars force awakens

What better way to wrap up our 2015 film reviews with than the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So much hype, scepticism and immense pressure to deliver a film from a franchise that spans decades and generations. Not only this but to do it justice and not disappoint both fans and newcomers. Having grown up watching all of the ... Read More »

Film Review – Hotel Transylvania 2 and The Good Dinosaur


Time for a bit of double trouble this week with not one, but two animated kids films. Check out the review. Read More »

Film Review – Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

HGMJ Part 2

What a film! Finally, the wait is over for the final instalment in the Hunger Games series. After the slight let down from the last film, there was a lot of pressure for this one to bring it and to have that thrilling energy like the first two films. All I can say is Mockingjay Part 2 left me buzzing for ages afterwards. Check out ... Read More »

Film Review – Pan


We all know of Peter Pan, and many films have been made, both cartoon and live action, as well as sequels. But ever wondered how it all started? How Peter Pan came to be in Neverland? What adventures took place before Wendy hit the scene? Well look no further, Pan brings you that, although Andy and I definitely feel a ... Read More »

Film Review – SPECTRE


The name’s Malik, Tahra Malik … and my sidekick Andy. Yeah I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it. So we’ll just leave it to the professionals at MI6, specifically 007. After such a success with Skyfall, Sam Mendes is back directing the latest instalment, SPECTRE, with Daniel Craig returning as the iconic Mr Bond. A slightly different approach with this ... Read More »