Battle of the Bands 2013 Live Heats

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The Battle of the Bands returns this year even bigger and better than before! Tune in from 12 noon all the way through until 6pm to hear the live heats presented by Tyler Pittaway and Ryan Stokes, with the results being aired live from 8 until 9.

The Bands that are competing to go through the live show at a local venue in May are:

– Not Now Jhon

– Something Simple

– Decaris

– The Amazing FSP

– Fallen Poets

– Such Strange Art Band

– Another Kid Hero

– Point Inaudible

– Accidental Tourists

– Vice Versa

– March On Rome

– Sandpilots

– The Brit Invasion

Battle of the Bands 2013, in association with The Yellow Advertiser, The Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside, and Basildon Studios.

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