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Danielle Jones: Murdered teen case ‘to be reviewed’ by police

19th May 2017
Posted by BBC Essex News

Danielle Jones: Murdered teen case 'to be reviewed' by police

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Essex Police

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Danielle Jones was waiting to catch a bus to school when she disappeared

Police say they will be reviewing the case of a murdered teenager whose body has never been found.

Danielle Jones was last seen in June 2001. Stuart Campbell, 59, an uncle of the teenager, was jailed for life for her abduction and murder in 2002.

Following a potential new lead, Essex carried out a search at a garage area in Stifford Clays.

That search, which involved radar, excavation and a search dog, finished on Friday. Her body was not found.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Worron said the force would be reviewing the case "to determine whether there are any other investigative avenues for us to take to continue our search for Danielle".

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This week, Essex Police revealed it was searching a block of garages not searched in 2001

He defended the constabulary's decision to undertake the five-day search.

"I completely stand by my decision to search this area," he said. "Not to search would have meant there would always have been a question mark over whether Danielle's body could have been buried here.

"I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this week has been for Danielle's family.

"Our activity here has reopened old wounds and thrust them in to the media spotlight again, 16 years after Danielle's disappearance.

"Sadly, we have been unable to end the pain they have continued to experience and we are no closer to knowing where Danielle is.

"But we will continue to be there to support them as we have since Danielle went missing."

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