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Good afternoon on Friday the 1st of May.

31st May 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8
Good afternoon on Gateway 97.8 this Friday with me Steve Gallant, I have a theme of music and motors, sound good? Well, let me put some detail on that for you.
My guest will be Richard Bremner, automotive wordsmith and contributing editor for Autocar magazine, Richard who has just returned from honeymoon will be sharing his thoughts on marriage, no I jest, he will be giving us his impression of the new Ferrari FF Hatchback 4 seater with some 660hp!
In sharp contrast the concept of Auto driving, a system which is becoming more realistic every day. The thought of programming a journey into your car or what we may soon come to know as a mobility device is not as far fetched as it may seem. Giving us the ability to get on with other tasks as your vehicle takes you to your destination is an interesting one but what will it do for the future of automotive brands? Will it really matter what car we have on our driveway? Find out more on this subject and also more on the 1959 Mini that sold for £40,000 at Bonhams recently after 2pm this Friday.
And last but by no means least, you were wondering what happened to the music right? Well, we all listen to music of all genres, our tastes are quite frankly infinite and that makes life interesting and I would not seek to change that diverse fact. That said, every once in a while we encounter a new and different sound that makes us sit up and listen, primarily because the sound has permeated our subconscious. It happened to me this week, I was given a CD to listen to and it had an instant effect on me, so much so that I will be featuring the artiste this Friday and he will be my studio guest on Friday the 15th of June. His name is David Hughes, singer songwriter and acoustic guitarist, as to the genre, well, I’m struggling to put a label to it, it is somewhere between folk and mainstream but a very original take on the usual commercial stuff. The clever lyrics are taken from life’s experiences and the Studio produced album “Recognised” is a gem.
 If I have whetted your appetite, join me after 1pm tomorrow,
All of this plus, news weather and travel and fingers crossed for a great jubilee weekend.
Look forward to your company.
Steve G.