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Small Business Advice Week: Darshana Ubl

3rd September 2014
Posted by Ros Connors

New research to coincide with Small Business Advice Week has revealed the biggest barriers for people starting their own businesses.

It also showed that small and micro-sized businesses are far from convinced of an improvement in the economy.

In “Good Afternoon” I talked to Darshana Ubl, CEO of Key Person of Influence and Female Ambassador of Small Business Advice Week, a business expert who specialises in helping SMEs grow and compete with their larger rivals.

You might like to listen again as she reveals what the research tells about people in our area.

Darshana outlines some of the key barriers preventing people from starting their own businesses and, significantly, what can be done to break down these barriers. She admits that owning your own business is not for everybody,  but points to ways that the smallest business can give itself international clout.

Finally, Darshana gives some pointers as to where to get further information.