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Thunderbirds are Go, at the Southend Film Festival 2017

1st June 2017
Posted by Ros Connors

From lost films of the Kursaal, to world cinema. Documentaries about pubs, Margaret Rutherford classics, and even a rediscovered Laurel and Hardy film, were just some of the items on show at the ninth annual Southend Fringe Film Festival. Gateway’s Ros Connors followed the action ahead of last Thursday’s gala night with a phone link to Paul Cotgrove, the Event Director. She also dropped by Southend’s Park Inn on Sunday morning to watch some ‘Gerry Anderson On Film’, and meet with the fans of a much loved, and much missed, British film-maker. With iconic TV classics Thunderbirds and Space 1999 on offer, things were certainly F.A.B.!

Spectators begin to assemble for the show.

Mark Joseph, Film Collector and Host of ‘Gerry Anderson on Film’ prepares his 16mm film projector.

Who needs Blu-Ray? British 70’s sci-fi epic Space 1999 looks glorious when seen directly from film, even with a few scratches and splices.

Some more shots of the impressive models on display.

All photos (c) Copyright Gateway 97.8

With thanks to Paul Cotgrove, Mark Joseph, the White Bus Cinema, and the Park Inn by Radisson Palace, Southend.

Thunderbirds and Space 1999 are (c) Copyright ITV Studios.

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