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Coffee & Tea – 12th October

12th October 2019
Posted by Tyler

Happy Saturday!

@TylerPittaway back on air this week on Coffee & Tea.

So then, what did I talk about on this week’s show?

Some odd stories:

On this day in music:

  • 1974 – Blondie appeared at CBGB’s in New York City, under the name Blondie for the first time
  • 1975 – Rod Stewart and the Faces made their final live appearance when they played at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island
  • 1991 – Simply Red’s fourth album ‘Stars’ went to No.1 on the UK chart for the first of five times

In your celeb birthdays, we have:

  • Josh Hutcherson, 27
  • Kirk Cameron, 49
  • Hugh Jackman, 51

For your trip back in time:

Gateway Gold Tracks - All of your favorite oldies!

Gateway Gold is our feature we do around quarter-past and quarter-to, hours during the day on Gateway 97.8. This week on the show, the system found these in the archive:

Brilliant 1960s tracks played on Gateway 97.8
Petula Clark – Downtown

Throwbacks to the 1970s on Our Local RadioXTC – Making Plans For Nigel

Classic 80s tracks on Gateway 97.8Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long

Classics from the 90s on Gateway 97.8Gloria Estefan – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

00s tracks on Our Local RadioNelly & Kelly Rowland – Dilemma

10s music on Gateway
Adele – When We Were Young

And that’s about it! Obviously I played a load of great music which you can hear again on the Gateway listen again service, here!

That’s your lot for this week. Keep listening to Gateway, and I’ll be back with you soon! 🙂