Coffee & Tea – 17th March

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@TylerPittaway (Twitter) back with you this week on Gateway. Here;s what happened on this week’s show:

In the news:

On this day in music:

  • 1957, Elvis Presley bought the Graceland mansion for just over $102,000 – about £60,000
  • 1978, U2 won £500 and a chance to audition for CBS Ireland in a talent contest held in Dublin
  • 1979, Gloria Gaynor started a four-week run at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘I Will Survive’

In your celeb birthdays, we have:

  • John Boyega, 26
  • Hozier, 28
  • Rob Lowe, 54

For your trip back in time:

A 90s CLASSIC: Kym Sims – Too Blind to See It. Check out the video here:

That’s it for this week. I’ll see you in a fortnight! 🙂

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