Coffee & Tea – 18th November

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Coffee & Tea on Gateway 97.8

Happy Saturday!

Tyler Pittaway back after a 2-week break. I just about managed to remember how it all works! What happened today?…

Gateway Open Day:

It’s one of our biggest events of the year! Today we’ve had live demos of how to DJ (like, DJ as in, club DJ, not what I do!), games, quizzes and studio tours galore! To top it all off, we had the Radio Club running around chatting to everyone and getting a little bit festive.

On this day in music:

  • 1975, Bruce Springsteen made his live debut in the UK at London’s Hammersmith Odeon
  • 1983, R.E.M. made their first appearance outside the US when they appeared on Channel 4 UK TV show, The Tube
  • 2001, Britney Spears scored her second US No.1 album with ‘Britney’

In your celeb birthdays, we have:

  • B O B, 29
  • Nickleback’s, Chad Kroeger, 43
  • Jimmy Choo, 65

For your trip back in time:

A feelgood classic: Strike – You Sure Do. Check out the video:


A giveaway from The Entertainer toy store

To top today’s show off; Dan, from The Entertainer toy store popped in to giveaway 2 games! At the time of writing – they’re still here – but they won’t be for long!

An action packed show this week. That’s your lot from me – I’m back next Saturday! 🙂

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