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Coffee & Tea Highlights – Jan 2022

6th February 2022
Posted by Kurt Wilson

Hi! Tyler and Kurt here.

Now, for 2022 we figured we would try something a little bit different with our blog posts. Don’t worry, though. If you miss any of our guests, or if you have appeared on the show and want to hear how you came across, we will still be uploading full interviews and special features as their own standalone entries whenever they happen.

However, over the last few months, there have been a number of times where there was something that we really enjoyed on the show, but we couldn’t quite justify putting it in its own blog post.

So, here’s our pitch for 2022: each month, on top of the usual, you’ll get a bumper blog of all our favourite bits from the previous few weeks, all squeezed into one package, whether that be chatty bits, funny bits, games or guests. Think of it as the unofficial Coffee & Tea podcast!

Plus, as an added bonus for this month, we’ve also included a couple of highlights from today’s show (the first show of February) to make up for the fact that we didn’t really start the year properly until we were already one week into January!

You can listen to Parts 1 & 2 below:


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