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Samaritans Awareness Day, the most random game we’ve ever played, and Kurt regrets his suggestions for future shows

24th July 2021
Posted by Tyler & Kurt

Afternoon! Tyler and Kurt back with you on a slightly more cloudy day than we’ve been used to over the past week or so. But, of course, that’s because it’s the weekend, right?!

So, what happened today then?…

Tyler and Kurt discuss future show ideas

So it seems that Kurt wasn’t quite satisfied with Tyler stitching him up over the last few weeks, as he just couldn’t resist accidentally giving Tyler some extra ideas for how to do just that. Feel free to get in touch over the coming weeks with your own ideas and we’ll take them into consideration. The more involved, complicated or socially awkward for Kurt the better 😉

Have a little listen, below:

The most random game we’ve ever played on this show

We can’t even remember how we got on to this topic, but we played an impromptu round of “the chair game” ahead of playng Wretch 32’s “Don’t Go”. If you’re unsure of the rules and want to play along for yourself, have a listen below:

Of course, you didn’t hear the full song in this clip, so go and give it a listen for yourself and see if you agree with us. Nothing but love for Wretch, but it’s one of those things which cannot be un-noticed once you have picked up on it, and we needed to make sure we weren’t the only ones burdened with this realisation.

Samaritans Awareness Day

Well, with things slowly getting back to normal – the prospect of things going back to how they were can feel a little daunting for some. Samaritans is a 24/7/365 service which offers support services to those in their time of need. Today we caught up with Tim from the Basildon branch of Samaritans, who helped Kurt to realise that the date makes perfect sense! See, it’s 24/7 – Samaritans is a 24/7 service – so it all makes sense!

On a serious note, if you’re going through some tough times and you could do with a chat – Samaritans are available around the clock on 116 123. Apparently you don’t even need credit on your phone to be connected.

You can find out more about the important work that The Samaritans do on their website:

That’s your lot for this week – but we’ll be back in your ears next Saturday from 12 noon!