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Budget 2014 Review

19th March 2014
Posted by Aston Avery

The Chancellor’s says “makers, doers, and savers” will be the big winners from today’s Budget.

He’s announced another increase in the personal allowance – so from April next year £10,500 of what you earn will be tax free. George Osborne’s also shaking up ISAs – and letting people invest £15,000 a year.

Duty on petrol’s being frozen – it’s the same for whisky and cider – and a penny’s coming off a pint of beer. Bingo players are also celebrating – as the duty on games will be halved to 10%.

George Osborne insists the economy is continuing to recover – but Labour leader Ed Miliband says the Chancellor’s just announced more “tax cuts for the rich while everyone else gets squeezed.”

David Webster reviewed the announcement on Drivetime.