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If you are having trouble with your Freeview TV Channels, then this is due to the digital TV switchover, which happened in Basildon and East Thurrock, as well as, other areas on 18th April.

If you have lost some of your channels, first, make sure you have correctly re-tuned. Choose ‘first time installation’ or ‘factory reset’ to remove all the old channels and load the new ones. Just selecting ‘add channels’ won’t work. If you’ve done that and are still missing channels, you may need to do a ‘manual re-tune’.

If you have got the wrong regional channels after re-tuning, your preferred services are probably a bit further down the list of channels. You can add the channels to your ‘favourites’ list if your equipment has one. If you don’t have a favourites option, you will need to do a ‘manual re-tune’. This will enable you to put your channels where you want them on the channels list.

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For more information or help go to or call 08456 50 50 50.

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