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Lower Thames Crossing Assessment “Flawed” – says Thurrock Councillor

7th December 2017
Posted by Ros Connors

Thurrock Council has demanded that Highways England expand the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

In the response to the scoping report sent to the Planning Inspectorate, Thurrock Council made clear its opposition to any new river crossing in the borough, while highlighting the number of important areas not included in the document.

The report covers areas such as air quality, noise and vibration, landscape, cultural heritage, and people and communities. However, a number of specifics the council would expect to be considered as part of the assessment have been left out – including measuring some particles in the air which have adverse health implications.

Chair of the Lower Thames Crossing Task Force, Cllr Peter Smith (UKIP), chatted with Drivetime’s Ros Connors and explained “There were over 250 areas of concern uncovered by Thurrock Council that are not currently included in the assessment.”

Hear the interview by clicking the link below.