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Tracey Corlett – Wonder Woman

26th April 2017
Posted by Ros Connors

What’s always fun about presenting Gateway Drivetime, is when interesting people from our area drop by for a chat.

The weeks leading up to, and following Easter have been incredibly busy at the radio station for various reasons, and with no-fewer than thirteen brilliant guests appearing on the show in that short space of time.

One of those, Tracey Corlett from Chelmsford, a qualified Strengthening Personal Resilience Master Trainer, a Qualified and Licensed DISC Personal Profiling Trainer and a Qualified Learning and Development Professional, popped by to talk about her work.

She has designed and delivered training for both the private and public sector all across the UK. Combine this with her further qualifications and knowledge of psycho-dynamic counseling, coaching and her passion for behavior, NLP, the law of attraction and personal growth, it’s blatantly obvious that this girl knows her stuff.

However, Tracey is far from a textbook “Trainer”, repeating to her students parrot fashion what she has been taught at “Trainers” school. So what is it about Tracey that makes so many people (women) feel that if they follow her guidance they can make positive changes to their lives from day one?

Find out by clicking below to hear my chat with Tracey.

Ros 🙂

Photo Copyright (c) Emma Dyos, JW3 PR