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Gateway 97.8 old skool Dance Show 6

5th June 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Welcome to the Gateway 97.8 old skool dance show 6 blog, where you will find information on definitive cuts from the golden era of Club, Drum & Base and House music from 1986 to 2006.

This Track listing is from show 6 and follows along with some informative/trainspotting facts about the tunes played.

My first track Is a tribute to the late Donna summer.  Whenever you hear this track,  it is guaranteed to make you smile and I am going to break all the old skool dance show rules to play you the original full length re-eq’d 1977 original of I Fee Love,  and I can even remember this getting to No1 when I was in my teens.   This record though is absolutely timeless……. and priceless.





The “old skool drum and Bass” triple tracks

2 Adam F – Music In My Mind
Reached No 27 in the UK charts
3. Ronni Size – Reprazent
Reached No 35  in the UK charts
4 Alex Reese – Candles
Reached No 33 in the UK charts


5. Jam and Spoon – Stella
Reached No 34 in the UK charts.
6. Shanks and Big foot – Sweet Like Chocolate
Reached No 1 in the UK charts.




“old skool Artists” triple tracks – Sash

7. Sash – La Primavera
Reached No 3 in the UK charts.

8. Sash – Mysterious Times
Reached No 2 in the UK charts.

9. Sash – Encore Une Fois
Reached No 2 in the UK charts.





————————————————-Hour 2——————————————————
10. Mega Mix – Donna summer
Did not chart in the UK charts.
“the 1980’s house”triple tracks

11. Tears – Frankie Knuckles 
Reached No 50in the UK charts.
12. Acid Tracks – Phurute
Did not chart  in the UK charts.
13. Dionne – Come And Get My Loving
Reached No 69  in the UK




14. Pulse – The Lover In Me.

Reached No 22  in the UK



“old skool triple tracks” from a year in old skool history –  1995

15. Underworld – Born Slippy.

Reached No 69  in the UK

16.  JX – You Belong To Me

Reached No 9 in the UK charts.

17.  Tin Tin Out – always something to remind me
Reached No 75 n the UK charts.


“old skool record labels”  triple tracks  – Deconstruction

It initially specialised in house anthems such as K Klass’s “Rhythm Is A Mystery” and Bassheads‘ “Is There Anybody Out There?”, as well as M People’s output, but also had a strong record in promoting underground dance acts such as Dave Clarke.[3] Hits included Robert Miles‘s British number 2 “Children”.[3]

It was home to Kylie Minogue in the mid-late 1990s, at the time when she had escaped from Pete Waterman and was looking to reinvent herself and explore her image by working with Saint EtienneBrothers in Rhythm (who produced her single “Confide in Me”), and others.[4][5]

Among the other artists to record for the company were Guru JoshBlack BoxM PeopleWay Out WestSasha, and Republica.[1] It also released recordings by LionrockDeath in Vegas and Dub Pistols through its Concrete Records subsidiary.[1]




18. Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There

 Reached No 5 in the UK charts

19. K class –  Rhythm is Mystery

Reached No 3 in the UK charts

20. Robert Miles  – Children

Reached No2 in the UK charts



You have been reading  Gateway97.8 old skool dance show blog.

My name is Richard yates and thanks for looking and remember to watch out for old skool 7.











Goodbye ;D