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17th March 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Against All Odds! One woman’s fight for her rights! Illa Khagram’s story.

For generations certain cultures and societies have been conducting arranged marriages through matchmakers and relatives. Many of these marriages blossom into healthy and productive relationships.
This week on The Inspiration Zone, Gateway 97.8 presenter Jag Singh will interviewing his special guest Illa Khagram who is a writer for magazines on domestic issues, the owner of Radiant Lotus – an organisation for life/parent coaching, gathering minds, and is regularly involved in community projects for improvement within the family sector.
The I-Zone Illa will be taking a trip down memory lane and very bravely talking about Illa’s destructive arranged marriage at the age of 18. Illa is a resident of the UK but her arranged marriage was to take her to her husband’s house thousands of miles away in Kenya.
For 14 years Illa was bullied by her husband, his sister and their mother. She suffered domestic violence on a regular basis and had no assistance or support from anyone around her. Illa will be telling us about her challenges and hurdles while she was abused on a daily basis.
Finally, when her baby boy was born, Illa knew she had to do something to change her life as she did not want her son to go through what she had gone through, so she got motivated and decided to change things as she had the birth right to be happy. But this was not going to be easy.  How did she do it?
Illa will be opening her heart on the I-Zone in the hope of sending a good message out about combating domestic violence – Don’t suffer in silence!
As always Jag will be playing Hindi, Punjabi and English motivational music throughout the show. This week’s special message will be from none other than the Bollywood legend Sharukh Khan, so sit back, buckle up and get ready for a ride of your life only on The I-Zone on Sunday afternoon at 3pm here on Gateway 97.8
For more messages of motivation, please log onto to Jag’s YOUTUBE channel – The Inspiration Zone…
Illa Khagram: