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The Inspiration Zone: Christmas Day Special!

18th December 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Are you getting ready to party this Christmas? Have you done all your shopping? Have you written your letter to Santa? If not, get it done as soon as you can because the clock is ticking for Christmas Day 2016!

On Christmas day Gateway 97.8 will be airing The Inspiration Zone Christmas Day Special at 16:00 with me Jag Singh, so get your festive hats on, lay out the dinner table and get ready for the I-Zone party on this special day!

On Sunday 25th December, the Christmas playlist on The I-Zone will consist of the best Christmas songs voted in by you, our listeners on Gateway 97.8. I would like to thank everyone who kindly took part in this poll. Joining me in the studios on this festive special will be Lisa Wakely, who is the writer of the book ‘Hexed in Time’, spectacular actress and an amazing inspirational individual. Me, and Lisa will be wearing our dancing shoes, Christmas hats  and getting into the Christmas spirit, so tune in and join us for a spectacular show on this special day.

Christmas is a time to sit back and reflect on all the great moments that the year has brought to you, your family and friends. It’s a time to count your blessings with your nearest and dearest all under one roof on this special day.

Please sprinkle the Christmas spirit to those around you who need support, remember to get in touch with any elderly individuals and maybe knock on their door and share a Christmas cracker. Or, if you know anyone who is living on their own, why not get in touch for a chat and share the Christmas magic.

If you have had a fall out this year with someone who used to be close to you at one time, why not make Christmas a time for you to pick up that phone and have a chat to see if you can amend the situation and maybe start again? Christmas is a time for forgiveness, contribution and being there for those who need us. As a nation, let’s make sure that while we enjoy the festive season we have lots of fun, but drink responsibly. Anyone going out to town on the day please ensure that you charge up your phone batteries before leaving and when you are out there partying please all stick together as a group and be safe.

So, don’t forget to tune in at 16:00 to listen to the The Inspirational Zone Christmas Special and come along and boogie with us on Christmas Day 2016!

Be Motivated…Be Inspired…Be There!

Gateway 97.8 would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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