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Jujitsu Inspires this Sunday. Jag Singh meets a Stanford Warrior

4th March 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Programme eight:

The Importance of Self-Defence: Scott Mallon: Stanford Warriors.

This week on the I-Zone Gateway presenter Jag Singh will be interviewing Second-Degree black belt Scott Mallon, representing the mighty Jujitsu Empire of the Stanford Warriors group in Essex. Scott speaks about the importance of self-defence and how learning such an art as Jujitsu does not only give you confidence in having the ability to protect yourself, but also how the confidence can spread into other areas of your life.

Scott is also the director of UFSC (Ultimate Fitness and Sports Coaching), an organisation that he started to help his clients grow confidence and gain special skills to enhance their lives, whether in corporate, public or private sectors. The UFSC contributes towards peace and harmony by dealing with issues within schools and colleges such as gang warfare, by using communication skills and knowledge. Scott has many other attributes and qualifications to his name within the health and fitness arena, which he will talk about during the interview.

Almost 40 years ago Brian and Gill Mallon, (Scott’s mother and father) started the Stanford Warriors club with only six students. Today they have almost 600 students, and it is growing every year. Please tune into the I-Zone this Sunday at 3pm and listen to Scott’s great advice on how learning the art of Jujitsu can enhance your life for prosperity and health.

During this interview you will also hear motivating Punjabi, English and Hindi songs to get you in gear for the coming week. Also there will a motivational ride with words from none other than the legendary martial arts expert, actor, and philosopher, Bruce Lee. So sit back, buckle up and be prepared for a great inspiration ride only on Gateway 97.8 this Sunday 6th March at 3pm.

Be inspired, be motivated, and be there for The I-Zone on 97.8 FM across Basildon and Thurrock or ‘listen live’ online at

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