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Peter Carroll: The Gurkha Justice Campaign: Stand Up For Your Rights!

12th April 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

History has shown us again and again that whenever someone has stood up, taken a stand, and served their community to make a powerful massive change, their name has entered the history books to remind us all that we are all capable of making a change for the betterment of mankind. This Sunday on The Inspiration Zone at 3pm please join Jag Singh on a special edition of this motivational and inspirational radio program provided for you by Gateway 97.8. Jag will be interviewing his special photo 1 (1)guest Peter Carroll, the architect of the Gurkha Justice campaign that gave the rights to Gurkha’s to reside in the United Kingdom.

Peter has entered the history books by standing up for something he believed just was not right. The Gurkhas who were laying their lives on the line for our country by fighting in the Middle East and many other dangerous locations, were not allowed to live in the United Kingdom. So, Peter fought and won the campaign for this dream of the Gurkhas to become a reality. Peter joined forces with the British actress Joanna Lumley and together with their team of campaigners became an elite force that challenged the British Government. Peter is a true example of an individual with a cause to make things better.

image2Jag will also be playing his motivational Punjabi, Hindi and English music to give you that inspirational kick start for the week ahead. On the I-Zone this week there will be a special message provided for the listeners from the superstar and Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone, so sit back, buckle up and be ready for this great motivational rollercoaster only on Gateway 97.8.