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Gateway Top 40 Countdown 5pm Good Friday

28th March 2013
Posted by Richard Yates

Welcome to a new program called “Gateway  Top 40 Countdown” where I will be attempting  to play you all the top 40 songs from the UK official charts  from any week spanning from 1960 to 2012….. That’s 52 years of great music.  🙂

I will be also talking about Top 40 facts, the technology and current affairs when the songs were in the chart and at the end of the show I will get the computer to pick another chart to play on my next show – exciting stuff !!!

You can follow the chart countdown as I count down the songs during this show. I have decided not to back announce the tracks during the show so I can play you all the 40 songs but I am sure you will let me off on this one 🙂

To kick off the first show, I have chosen the chart published on my birthday which was on the 6th November 1965 and if it is your first time you have heard all these wonderful songs in their chart order,  then it has certainly been my first time as well.

Thanks for listening and remember to tune in again on Easter Monday at 4pm for another great chart countdown.

Richard Yates.

P.S And listen out for some familiar Gateway 97.8 voices during the show 🙂