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The I-Zone: Act Against Bullying!

21st July 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

This coming Sunday at 3pm join Gateway presenter Jag Singh for another dosage of inspiration and community spirit on The Inspiration Zone. This week Jag will be looking into what we as a community can do to tackle the on-going issues that we have in this country surrounding Anti-Bullying within our children and young people. The Inspiration Zone has one main mission and that is to give sound advice to our people in order to make their lives better and fulfilling. So, to help Jag answer many questions and advice around anti-bullying he will be speaking to his remarkable guest this week, the founder and director of the great charitable organisation Act Against Bullying, Louise Burfitt-Dons.

Louise has appeared on Sky News, Good Morning America, Channel 4 News, ITV News London and many other major sources of TV and radio sharing her advice on how children and young people can survive the bullying ordeals they face, some on a daily basis. Gateway 97.8 are privileged and honoured to have such a great humanitarian on The Inspiration Zone. Louise will be giving tips on how we can all work together to tackle anti-bullying. She will also be giving information about her website so that if any parent/guardian/child wishes to contact Act Against Bullying directly they may do so.

Gateway 97.8, our local radio is here to inspire, inform and through our great experienced guests provide you ways that you may live a happy and healthier lifestyle. As always Jag will also provide entertaining Punjabi, English and Hindi Music throughout the show.

Do you ever feel like giving up? As if you have had enough and just want to throw the towel in? Before doing so, sit back buckle up and listen to this weeks great inspiring message from Team Fearless, California – Never Quit!

Be inspired! Be Motivated! Be there!

The Inspiration Zone – 3pm Sunday.

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