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The I-Zone: Anthony Peltier~Pride of Britain

27th February 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Join me Jag Singh on Sunday 5th March at 15:00 and enter ‘The Inspiration Zone!’ In this special edition of the I-Zone on Gateway 97.8 I will be interviewing the inspirational Anthony Peltier. Anthony will be speaking about how he contributes his time and efforts to protect and educate our communities. This amazing individual has many helpful roles within the community, including being a Head Teacher for Stifford Clays Primary School in Essex, and volunteering as an Assistant Chief Officer for the Metropolitan Police.

Anthony is an outstanding contributor who carries with him vast experiences and knowledge of helping and assisting our communities. Anthony will talking about the challenges he has faced throughout his amazing life and how he overcame these hurdles and achieved his goals. On Sunday at 15:00 Anthony will also be sharing his story of how he used his quick thinking and community spirit to save the life on an individual who was wounded by a knife attack. This act of bravery resulted in Anthony being awarded ‘The Pride of Britain Award’ from The Daily Mirror and TSB Bank. So, join us on Sunday and hear Anthony’s heroic story only on ‘Our Local Radio’ Gateway 97.8.

The Inspiration Zone has a powerful mission and that is to bring all the communities and charities of our country under one roof ‘Gateway 97.8’ and find ways of inspiring each other towards betterment through constant self-improvement. This week’s I-Zone inspirational Hindi, Punjabi and English playlist will include tracks from Dr Zeus, Wretch 32 and many others. There will also be a spectacular motivational speech to get you ‘Pepped Up’ for the week ahead, provided by none other than my good friends from California, USA, Team Fearless.

So, sit back, take a deep breath, buckle up and get ready to ride the motivational roller-coaster with me Jag Singh only on ‘The Inspiration Zone.’

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