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The I-Zone: Children First Fostering Agency

22nd May 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Children First Fostering Agency are an independent agency caring for children and young people from a wide variety of culture and backgrounds. The CFFA provide fostering placements and services to children and young people aged from 0 to 18. Last week I was invited to the CFFA office in Basildon, Essex, to speak to an amazing woman Kim Selfe who is an established carer recruitment officer for this great organisation.

During my interview with Kim I asked such questions as:

Are we doing enough as a nation to provide homes for these children in care?

Is the Government doing their part to provide support to the fostering sector in the UK?

And many more questions that I was just bursting to ask.

Fostering has always been a very close subject to my heart because whilst growing up in London in the 1980’s I had many friends who were fostered and they would speak to me about the challenges and struggles they went through in order to find a home and family. I strongly believe that every child is entitled to a good upbringing, household and family. I would like to salute all the great work our fostering agencies in our country do day in, day out to make this happen. Tune in to The I-Zone on Sunday 28th May at 15:00 on ‘Our Local Radio’ Gateway 97.8 and hear my interview with the remarkable Kim Selfe.

Kim and her team are fully qualified professionals who offer support and advice to anyone looking to foster or even if you just want to have a simple chat with them about any fostering questions you have they are there to listen. Have you ever thought about fostering? Do you have a few myths around fostering? To iron out these and any other questions you may have please feel free to contact the CFFA on the website/number below and they will be happy to assist you in anyway that they can.

CFFA Website ~

CFFA Contact Number ~ 0808 178 1144

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