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The I-Zone: Tesco Community Food Connection

23rd May 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

This coming Sunday join the finger pointing motivational, self-help speaker and Gateway 97.8 radio presenter Jag Singh for another instalment of The Inspiration Zone. When asked why all his pictures with his guests have the finger pointing going on, Jag gave a simple and straight forward answer. “Me and my guests are pointing that finger to the one person who can make a difference to their lives, the one person who can live their dreams and wishes…YOU!”

In this episode Jag will be interviewing Sarah Summerfield who is the Tesco Food Programmes Communication Manager. Sarah will be telling us all about the great new project that Tesco have launched and are contributing food to charities and local community groups. With her great insight and experience of working alongside many charities Sarah and her team are functioning this project through the Tesco stores and have plans to expand this great system within their giant network.


The I-Zone is about you, our community and serves as tool to make a difference not only to your daily lives but also to the people who day in day out assist our communities and charities. If you know/are a charity/community group who require support with providing food to such an organisation please tune in for more information. Tesco and Gateway 97.8 have joined forces to promote this great message to our communities in this weeks edition of The I-Zone.

Jag will also be playing motivational Hindi, English, and Punjabi music, and not forgetting a motivational segment from the greatest motivational speakers of our time. So, please join Jag and Sarah on Sunday at 3pm, only at Gateway 97.8…your local radio! Be motivated, Be Inspired…Be there!

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