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The Inspiration Zone 2017 Diwali Special

14th October 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Join me, Jag Singh on a Special Diwali Edition of The Inspiration Zone on the 19th October and log onto Gateway 97.8, Our Local Radio! On this special day at 15:00 I will be speaking to my amazing guest the Former Mayor of Gravesend, Kent, and recently appointed MP for Slough Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi. In this interview Tan will be talking about how he has used his academic achievements to support the community both politically and voluntarily.

Tan is an amazing role model for our children as he is a great humanitarian who has utilised the education he has gained to go the extra mile for the people. His efforts have been recognised not only nationally but also internationally. He was once awarded a trophy for his contribution towards the communities after he was bombarded at the Punjab airport in India on his arrival by hundreds of supporters who appreciated his efforts!

Tan will be speaking about the importance of education and encouraging all our children to make the best of the great education system we have in this country, the United Kingdom. He will also be speaking about Adult Learning Centres and how adults must contact these centres if they want to increase their knowledge and skills for interest, gain better prospects for jobs or for personal knowledge.

As millions of people around the world get ready for the Diwali celebrations on this auspicious day, please join Gateway 97.8 and let us provide you with spectacular motivational and inspirational music from the Punjabi legend Diljit Dosanjh, Bastille and many others. During the hour there will be a powerful motivational message from Team Fearless, California, USA. So, take a deep breathe, buckle up and get ready for the rollercoaster ride of inspiration. As you prepare your best clothes, sweets and Diya’s and get ready to spend the delightful evening with your beloved family and friends for the spectacular evening of ‘The Festival of Lights’ tune in to The Inspiration Zone this Thursday at 15:00 on Gateway 97.8 and let’s all get ready for the countdown for the Diwali celebrations!

The Gateway 97.8 team would like to wish all our listeners, peace, prosperity and good fortune for the coming year.

Happy Diwali to all!

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