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The Inspiration Zone: Cancer Research UK

11th May 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan
Join me Jag Singh on Sunday 14th May at 15:00 and tune into ‘The Inspiration Zone’ on ‘Our Local Radio’ Gateway 97.8. I will be speaking to a remarkable individual and humanitarian Kas Omer from Canvey Island, Essex who will be representing and speaking on behalf of the amazing organisation Cancer Research UK. Six years ago Kas went to watch his favourite football team West Ham play at their previous home ground in Upton Park, East-London. After the match Kas and his friends heard that a 9 year old boy Jonjo Heuerman was about to conduct a charity walk in aid for Cancer Research. So, Kas and his friends decided to join the march and being a photographer Kas took many great photos along the way.
Kas, a HGV driver for the TESCO Thurrock Distribution in Purfleet, Essex, always had a dream of becoming a professional photographer but never got to pursue this goal. After the Upton Park walk had been completed Kas sent the photos to Jonjo and his family. They liked the photo’s so much they asked Kas to become part of their team and attend their charity events going forward to take photos. That was six years ago and since then Kas has become a dedicated member of the Cancer Research organisation and not only has he taken many amazing pictures on their charity events but he has also participated in many events to raise money alongside Jonjo Heuerman and his team. Jonjo’ s contribution towards raising funds for Cancer research has been rewarded by the Queen, making him the youngest recipient ever to receive a British Empire Medal.
Kas, Jonjo and their team are constantly raising money like many other individuals around the country with one purpose and goal, which is to find a cure to the dreaded disease Cancer. The courage and persistence of these individuals should be saluted, encouraged and praised. In this interview Kas will also be speaking about the legend and amazing footballer Bobby Moore who died at the age of 51 whilst tackling cancer. The widow of Bobby Moore, Stephanie Moore set up the Bobby Moore fund for Cancer research in his memory to fund pioneering lifesaving bowel cancer research. Stephanie has wholeheartedly supported, inspired and encouraged Kas, Jonjo and many other individuals who have conducted events to raise money to find a cure for cancer.
The I-Zone is a radio programme which has been specifically designed to promote the great inspiring work our charities and communities conduct week in, week out including our very own radio station Gateway 97.8. The I-Zone also aims to raise donations and support from individuals like yourself who want to make a difference in helping these charitable and community organisations. If you would like to support Cancer research, or have any fund raising ideas, please do contact any of the following websites and support the battle against Cancer:
During this interview I will be playing my inspirational playlist to get you motivated for the week ahead to tackle your challenges and tasks with a positive state of mind. So, tune in on Sunday at 15:00 to ‘Our Local Radio’ Gateway 97.8 and hear Kas’s amazing story only on ‘The Inspiration Zone.’ Sit back, buckle up, take a deep breath and jump on the inspirational rollercoaster ride with me Jag Singh.
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(This is a pre-recorded interview and was originally aired last year.)
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