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The Inspiration Zone: Jag Singh meets Storm V Academy: Veena Jain

30th March 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Once again on Gateway 97.8 Jag Singh will be delivering a dosage of motivation and inspiration when he meets Veena Jain who is the performance director for the Storm V Academy performance arts organisation. On Sunday at 3pm Veena will be sharing her story of inspiration and talking about the challenges she has encountered and overcome in order to achieve her dream of promoting the magic of performing arts. Veena has worked with many talents such as Punjabi music legends RDB and Gurdas Maan and has been involved with Bollywood productions working alongside Bopasha and many other talents.

Veena will be sending her positive messages on the I-Zone to people who have dreams and hopes of becoming something special or achieving their goals. Veena is a strong believer that everybody has a talent but sadly it never materialises without persistence, she will be speaking about keeping focus on what you want in life and what steps to take to make your talent a reality. On the I-Zone on Sunday at 15:00 Jag will also be playing motivational Hindi, Punjabi and English music to give you that kick start for the coming week, not forgetting the special motivational messages from the greatest motivational
20160216_153713V__4569speakers of our time. So sit back, buckle up and get ready for another breathtaking ride on the I-Zone roller coaster. Live your dreams, make them a reality, and let Gateway 97.8 provide you with all the inspiration you need. Be motivated, be inspired, and be there!