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Lets Support the Homeless!

14th October 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

The Inspiration Zone:

Join me, Jag Singh on Sunday the 16th October and log onto Gateway 97.8 at 15:00 for another dosage of motivation on The Inspiration Zone. This week I will be speaking to the amazing individual Natasha Catton. Natasha will be talking abut her experience of living a life of being homeless, hungry and cold in the streets of London. She will be telling us about the great steps she took in order to break free from her poverty stricken life and eventually live a fulfilling and fruitful life. Natasha will be offering her advice and information on how we can all get together and support the homeless challenges many face in our country day in day out. Please check out and support Natasha on Twitter:


What can we do as a nation to support the homeless? What can people who are struggling in the streets do to receive support and advice? We all have a responsibility, and that is to offer support to our homeless shelters and hostels. Even just by donating whatever and whenever we can no matter how big or small we can make that difference. Or, even offer our time to a homeless shelter or charity by visiting them and ask them if any support is needed with the cooking, arrangements etc. With Christmas and the cold weather soon approaching, ask yourself, ‘What can you do to support?’


Natasha, will be sharing her experiences of living in the streets of London and the struggles she faced everyday merely so that she could survive. So, please tune in and support all the UK Homeless Charities and Shelters who do their amazing work to provide the best for these homeless individuals on a regular basis.


There are many homeless hostels and shelters around the country, contact your local organisation or simply connect to the link below and find out how you may contribute immediately:


The Inspiration Zone has a purpose and that is to remind us all that we need to do the best we can for our communities and charities. This weeks playlist will include inspirational Punjabi, Hindi and English music from Flo Rida, Dr Zeus and many others. There will also be an amazing ‘Start of the Week’ short motivational message from Slyvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith and many others, to get you into gear for the week ahead. So…sit back, buckle up and get ready for the motivational roller coaster ride provided especially for you…On The Inspiration Zone.


Be Inspired, Be Motivated…and be there!


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