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The Inspiration Zone meets the Community Ambassador

25th April 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan

WHEN an individual reaches the age of retirement they come across a few choices they need to make, either to retire or to carry on working with their current employer, maybe even part time. Retirement should be a time when you throw your hat into the air and celebrate the fact that your years of working have finally come to an end and look forward to travelling the world, engage in hobbies, spending more time with family and friends. But for many, this is not the case. Some individuals find retirement to be a daunting experience and see themselves arriving at crossroads, unsure about what direction to go next. They become confused about whether they should retire, or continue to work.

While conducting the I-Zone Academy ‘Dealing with Retirement’ sessions I have come across many individuals who find themselves in this predicament. After a few counselling sessions the individuals I have spoken to felt confident about what next steps they were going to take and made a comfortable decision on what it was that they wanted to do. If you are in a similar situation and approaching retirement, or even thinking about it, you may contact me for free advice, support or even just a chat on [email protected] and we could devise a plan for you to make the right decision that’s best for you.

On Sunday 30th April at 15:00 sitting in the I-Zone guest chair will be a man I have named ‘The Community Ambassador’ Mr Stephen Hawkins from Essex. When Steve reached his retirement age he decided to dedicate his time to his community, family and friends. Since retiring Steve has been working voluntarily with many authorities and charities such as: The Young Offenders Panel, he is a coach/mentor for the YMCA Glow Project, acted as a Team Ambassador for the 2012 London Olympics, works for the NSPCC conducting assemblies and workshops at Schools and much, much more.

Steve is now even busier than he was during his employment years and is enjoying every minute of his retirement through his contribution to society and spending quality time with his family and friends. In this interview I will be asking Steve such questions as:

How does he find the time to fit everything in?

What is his inspiration?

What makes him to do the great work he is doing to make a positive difference in peoples lives?

During the show I will be providing an inspirational playlist to get you ‘pumped up’ for the week ahead, featuring tracks from Katy Perry, Nelly, and the Punjabi music legends RDB. I will also be walking down the ‘Bollywood Memory Lane’ and playing a classic tune from the 1980’s. This weeks extravagant motivational speech will be provided by Team Fearless, all the way from California, USA. So, on Sunday at 15:00 out the kettle on, tune into ‘Our Local Radio’ Gateway 97.8, sit back, take a deep breath, buckle up and get ready for the ‘Motivational’ roller-coaster ride on ‘The Inspiration Zone.’

Be Inspired! Be Motivated! Be There!

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