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The Inspiration Zone: The Sailors Society – Tilbury

30th January 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan

The Inspiration Zone’ on ‘Our Local radio’ Gateway 97.8 is a radio show specially designed to provide the motivation and inspiration people are looking for in order to get into gear to achieve their dreams, happiness and goals. The I-Zone sends out positive messages to get you inspired to do the things that you know you should be doing but just end up leaving it for another day. Don’t leave it for another day, DO IT NOW!

We want you to reach your full potential and one day become the best in whatever field you choose to engage in. The I-Zone’s guests are always inspirational individuals/charities/community groups who have gone beyond their efforts to assist and make a difference in our society for the best.

A true example of such a charity and organisation is The Sailors Society, in Tilbury, Essex. The SS are responsible for assisting and supporting our seafarers on a regular basis. Seafarers can be away from shore for many months travelling in their ships and boats. Once seafarer’s arrive at The Sailors Society’s Tilbury port they are first greeted by the port’s very own Chaplain Frans Sahetapy and his team with open arms. Frans and his team provide food, and every day necessities to these seafarers for comfort and relaxation.

The seafarers have many functions which include protecting our shores and bringing in everyday goods we need in our country. The Sailors Society is a non-profit making organisation who are always there to ensure that once these seafarers arrive at the ports such as in Tilbury they receive all the support and assistance they require. In some cases counselling may also be needed, again The Sailors Society very kindly provide these services to these individuals.

In this interview I will be speaking to Frans Sahetapy (Tilbury Post Chaplain) and Chris Tuck (Public Engagement Manager for The Sailors Society) and they will be speaking about the great work they and their amazing team conduct in Tilbury in order to support our seafarers after they have spent long periods at sea.

(This recording has been selected from the I-Zone archives to be played and was aired and recorded last year.)

As always during the hour I will be providing a powerful musical Hindi, Punjabi and English playlist to get you motivated for the challenges you may have planned for the week ahead. So, tune into the I-Zone on Sunday 5th of February at 15:00 and join me on Gateway 97.8 for the next instalment of this inspirational radio programme. To kick start your week I have also lined up an amazing short inspirational message from the Hollywood and body building icon ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ himself which will be played during the show.

Be Motivated…Be Inspired…Be There!

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