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The Inspiration Zone: Stylish Occasions

17th July 2017
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Have you ever thought about starting up your own business? Being your own boss? Working the hours you want? When an individual decides to join the league of self-employment they have many questions that circle around in their head such as:

Will I be able to earn enough money?

What happens if my business is a failure?

Starting up your own business can be a big step to take, so doing your homework is an essential part of the process. You need to ask yourself some more relevant questions such as:

Is there a market out there for my products/services?

What area would my services/products be in demand?

How do I start?

Gateway 97.8 FM ‘Our Local’ radio is always here to support our community and acts as a pillar of strength to ensure that we do all we can to support our people and our listeners by providing information that leads towards betterment. So, this week on The Inspiration Zone, I will be speaking to the successful Essex Business woman Donna Robertson from Fobbing, Essex, who will talking about her experience and knowledge of running her amazing company – Stylish Occasions.

A few years ago Donna was employed by a company, working for someone else until one day she decided that she wanted to do more and run her own business, but she wasn’t too sure about what type of business. Lo and behold, ‘Ask and it will be given to you’ Donna went to a few parties where she noticed a fun photo booth, a booth that the guests could use throughout the night and take fun pictures using props. The booth didn’t just take pictures but also gave instant photos for the guests to keep, providing great memories of the function.

Starting from her kitchen table Donna started to carry out her research and looked in the photo booth hiring industry for parties and functions. Working hard, Donna put all the hours she could into her business and eventually landed on her feet.

Join me Jag Singh, on Sunday 23rd July on The Inspiration Zone and hear Donna speak about her amazing experience and share her knowledge of running a successful business.

One of the key factors of any business is that when it begins to flourish, this is not the time to start sitting back and taking it easy, but instead time to look to see how you may expand your business and this is exactly what Donna did. Although the photo booth was a hit at functions/parties and venues she wanted to provide more for her customers so she added more services alongside the photo booth for her customers and started her Ice Cream Cart/Milkshake, Smoothie Bar and refreshing Hawaiian Ice services.

Donna very kindly invited me to her head office in Fobbing, Essex to conduct this interview so that she can provide some information regarding self-employment for our community. Gateway 97.8 would like to thank her for doing this and supporting our community. You may tune in on Sunday at 15:00 and hear Donna’s interview, including my motivational English, Punjabi and Hindi playlist to get you inspired for your week ahead.

This week’s powerful motivational speech will be provided by Team Fearless, California, USA. So sit back, take a deep breath, buckle up and get ready to ride the rollercoaster inspirational ride with me, Jag Singh on The I-Zone.

Be Motivated! Be Inspired! Be There!

If you wish to contact Donna Robertson for more information regarding Stylish Occasions, or would like to book her services for a function or venue, you may check out her website below:

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