Margaret Thatcher Dies At 87 After Stroke

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Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013 Aged 87.

Baroness Thatcher has died following a stroke

The Prime Minister said: “Margaret Thatcher didn’t just lead our country – she saved our country.

“Margaret Thatcher took a country that was on its knees and made Britain stand tall again.”

He added: “We can’t deny that Lady Thatcher divided opinion. For many of us, she was and is an inspiration.

“For others she was a force to be defined against. But if there is one thing that cuts through all of this – one thing that runs through everything she did – it was her lion-hearted love for this country.”

Mrs Thatcher, who became Baroness Thatcher, resigned as Prime Minister in November1990 after a year in which her fortunes plummeted.

Here is an exclusive clip live!

Margaret Thatcher Catchup

Taken from Sky News

Taken from Sky News


[Source: Sky News]

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