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New Basildon school opening in 2016

6th May 2015
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

News has swept that Erica Barnett is due to be the headteacher of a small secondary school opening in Basildon next year.

The school is called the Cordium school and it will open it’s doors to children of the ages 11-16. It has a different day to other Basildon schools and this secondary school’s day will start at 10:00am and run until 4:30pm. Although lessons do not start until 10:00am, there will be free before and after school clubs for children to go to, free of charge. The morning session is hoped to start at 8:30am and the evening session will finish at 5:30pm, just one hour after the school lessons finish.

The Cordium school claim that the whole school will be made up of just four form-style classes and they aim to run it more like a primary school teaching secondary school content.

“This is about getting them the right qualifications and ultimatley getting them employed when they leave.”

“Because it’s small, all of the teachers will know all of the children. It will be run much more like a primary school and we will concentrate on the key subjects. It’s about having high academic standards.”

Mrs Erica Barnett

There is not one primary school in Basildon that requires special measures so the council have decided to move their focus to secondary schools.CordiumLogo-300x79

The secondary school does not currently have a fully-decided location but they are looking into it.

More information about this new school can be found here.