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New Florist for Basildon Market

6th February 2015
Posted by Ros Connors

Ray Owen is a remarkably pleasant young man, hardworking, ambitious yet delightfully unassuming. Not the sort of character to strut his stuff on ‘The Apprentice’.IMG_29421

Yet he is just the sort of young man who will succeed thanks to his willingness to deliver good service and his awareness that starting and growing a business demands hard work and commitment.

Even more, it demands constant awareness of opportunities to appeal to customers with something different: a new look at an old requirement. Hear him talking about Valentines Day to see what I mean.

He has opened a florists at Unit 10, one of the log cabins in
Basildon Market, and the auguries look very good for the business
is growing steadily thanks to his drive, his partner’s floristry
training and experience as well as the extra help of family and

He seemed a good model of an enterprising local resident researching the market, seizing an opportunity and putting his money down to back his judgement: a bold call.

Indeed he does not disappoint and proved to be a fascinating subject of an interview on Good Afternoon.

Much of a florist’s business is concerned with the making of flower arrangements for various functions. Customers need to have confidence in their florist that all arrangements will be beautifully executed, delivered on time and in perfect condition and that the flowers will look as fresh as the moment they were picked.

But a little more is required of these arrangements: they must be personal,
they must make a silent statement about those who give and those to whom the flowers are given.


Thus the florist must be innovative, creative and have a meticulous eye for detail. The florist is there to advise and help customers, to present them with choices that are a little different. For example, while it is pleasing to receive red roses for Valentines Day, wouldn’t it be even better if the donor were to choose something different, something extra special for you?

In fact, Flower Market, the florist at Unit 10 in Basildon Market has photos taken of its work in order to help give customers an informed choice of what different flowers and varieties of flowers are available and in season.

If you have wedding bells in the offing, then make a little time to think about the flowers. Take a break to visit Flower Market and discuss your requirements over a friendly cup of tea.

If you are wondering what to give as a valentine, pop into Flower Market and pick their brains for ideas and then take the credit for being wonderfully creative, original and caring!

Of course, Basildon Market is packed with friendly local traders, some who have held stalls for years, others who have come to the market as a first step on the business growth ladder. It is a social and sociable place that is home to many different trades. IMG_3192

And as with markets everywhere, the traders know that if they offer real value and good service, their customers will keep coming back.

These are local people who care, the business is the trader’s living: his reputation rides or falls with the quality of his goods and services.

Click the link below to hear Ray.