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25th December 2014
Posted by Danny Lawrence

Full name: David Allan Jensen
Birthday: 4th July 1950
Starsign: Cancer
Nickname at school: None that I can repeat here
Tell us something we didn’t know about you: —– -I’m related to Robert Louis Stevenson (the author, not the guy who invented steam trains).
Were you good or naughty when you were at school?—– Mixed. As I got older I got naughtier!
First job – and would you do it again? —– I was a fruit-picker. I concentrated mainly on cherries.
While the music’s playing, what do you do? —— Sing along as long as no-one is listening.
What do you get up to outside of work? —– I’m still a big football fan, I love seeing movies and eating out.
Do you have any embarrassing albums in your collection at home? —— Probably loads… including the one-off album from Pat Sharp & Mick Brown. It remains unplayed to this day

Favourite community radio station? Gateway 97,8