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Nuclear Test Veterans at PMQs

22nd October 2014
Posted by Ros Connors

John Baron MP raises nuclear test veterans’ campaign for a Charitable Fund at PMQs.

 Today at PMQs, John Baron, the MP for Basildon and Billericay, asked the Prime Minister about the British nuclear test veterans.

John and the British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association (BNTVA) have been campaigning for official recognition for the test veterans’ service, and for a Government ex gratia payment of £25m to establish a Charitable Fund for veterans and their descendants – access to which would be available on the basis of need, not entitlement.

John said, “The nuclear test veterans were very grateful when the Prime Minister officially recognised their service at PMQs on 2nd July. But, given that one in three of their descendants has a serious medical condition, will the Prime Minister update the House, as he promised in July, as to progress regarding an ex gratia £25m payment into a Charitable Fund, which would be available on the basis of need?”

The Prime Minister acknowledged he needed to report back on progress, and said that the Government had a proud track record when it came to veterans issues, such as the Arctic Convoy medal.

Afterwards, John said: “Following the Prime Minister’s official recognition, the final strand of the campaign is the establishment of a Charitable Fund for veterans and their descendants. Given Britain ranks poorly when compared to how other countries treat their veterans, the sooner we put right this injustice, the better. I shall continue to chase No 10 on this issue.”

(For further background on this matter, see yesterday’s blog ‘True Blue Tory John Baron Goes Pink’)