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Neil Gits Confused …

12th August 2017
Posted by Neil Matthew

I love hosting my soul show live every Monday between 7pm & 9pm on Gateway, but the other projects I have in my portfolio have been so time consuming lately that I have had to take a couple of Mondays off this summer to fit in other commitments 🙁 Then last week I found myself required to come out of “retirement” as a wedding DJ to help out an even older Old Git who had been asked to work on a reception for a couple of friends (yes, on a MONDAY !) and didn’t want to do it alone … so again it was a pre-recorded show that went out this  week.

It was a strange experience as though the couple were both older than me and most of the guests were over 40, they had requested mainly current chart music to be played – and neither of us knew any of the tunes they chose, so it was the blind leading the blind !! My colleague provided the new stuff (and surprisingly they mostly knew it all and danced to it, despite being pretty dire !!) whilst I took care of all the older tunes, which consisted mainly of 90s club classic and r’n’b, but over all it was a weird experience seeing “old” people enjoying new “music”. The main thing is it was a success and they were happy I suppose, but I was well out of my comfort zone and it took all of Tuesday to recover !!

I am so used these days to being immersed in my 70s & 80s soul, jazz-funk and disco collection, with just a few more recent songs with a real “old school feel” it will be great to get back in the studio on Monday and get back “in the groove”. Meanwhile, it is fair to say the pre-recorded show we put out was a real belter, so hear it again this Saturday evening from 5pm and savour some proper tuneage !!!


(Playlists and gig-lists will resume on the blog next week)