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Neil Gits Sunstroke

4th June 2016
Posted by Neil Matthew

I don’t want to be boring and start talking about the weather, but isn’t it mixed up in this country now ? Today we are in June, an official “summer” month and … well, it’s not very summery at all ! Then last week, at the end of spring, a Bank Holiday Weekend, where to be honest you EXPECT it to rain … and I catch the sun !

Problem was, I was out all day at a football torunament with Nathan and they had to be on site so early the sun hadn’t even come out, in fact there was a fine drizzle, then we all got talking, the matches began and before you know it I had been out five hours without a hat on, got a red forehead and came home feeling a bit rough ūüôĀ

And you know what I am going to say next … whatever the weather the music sounds great on “The Old Gits Soul Show” ! But our kind of music actually does sound even better in a bit of sunshine – and what’s more you don’t need to take any precautions to avoid the after effects of listening to it either – you’ll just feel gooooood !! ūüôā

This Week’s Tunes

O‚ÄôJays¬† –¬† Darling Darling Baby

Bobby Thurston¬† –¬† Very Last Drop

T Connection¬† –¬† Do What You Wanna Do

Jerry Knight¬† –¬† I‚Äôm Down For That

Mather & Kingdon  РHold On (2016 Remix)

Alexander O‚ÄôNeal¬† –¬† You Were Meant To Be My Lady

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good

Stevie Wonder¬† –¬† Golden Lady

Al Jarreau¬† –¬† Boogie Down

Evelyn Champagne King¬† –¬† Your Personal Touch

Manhattans¬†¬† –¬† Crazy

Narada Michael Walden ‚Äď Tonight I‚Äôm Alright (Joey Negro Spirit Of 79 Mix)

Change¬† –¬† The Very Best In You

George Benson¬† –¬† Love Ballad (Joey Negro Jazzy Reprise)

Luther Vandross ¬†–¬† She‚Äôs A Super Lady

Incognito¬† –¬† Never Known A Love Like This

Regina Belle¬† –¬† You

SOS Band¬† –¬† Weekend Girl

Cool Notes¬† –¬† Spend The Night

Tavares¬† –¬† The Ghost Of Love

Crown Heights Affair¬† –¬† Sure Shot

*The “Recommended Old Gits Nights Out List” will be updated and posted on the next blog – see a previous one for gigs…