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Tilbury PTA: Friends of Pioneer.

3rd August 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

On the next instalment of The Inspiration Zone – I will be speaking to Jamie Jardine who is a member of the great Parent-Teacher Association Friends of Pioneer at the Tilbury Pioneer Academy. PTAs around the country volunteer their spare time by assisting schools either by organising fundraising events or finding other ways to acquire extra resources for the school with the full support of the school staff. They do this in order to make sure that the children receive all the support they can get to aid their learning and ensure that the they have a great and enjoyable time at their school.

Please tune into Gateway 97.8 FM on Sunday at 15:00 and join me Jag Singh as the PTA member of The Friends of Pioneer – Jamie Jardine will be talking about the massive support he and his team have provided to their school with the great projects they have completed and what they have planned for the future.

Gateway 97.8 your local radio is here for our community and stands tall with its achievements and attributions that the station strives to achieve week in, week out. If you are a charity or community based organisation then do get in contact with The Inspiration Zone and we will be privileged to promote your charity and the hard work that you do.

Jamie from – Friends of Pioneer wanted to make a difference, contribute towards his local school and he did and will continue to do so because his passion and will for the cause will always keep him and his team motivated. Jamie is a great example and role model and just like Jamie, we can all make that difference by volunteering to assist and help these organisations in any way that we can. The Tilbury Pioneer Academy has always shown and given Jamie and his team full support with all their projects.

The main reason I decided to conduct a show on PTAs was because I strongly feel that the hard work these individuals do sometimes goes unrecognised. Me and our team at Gateway 97.8 would like to salute all the PTAs in the country and thank you dearly for the great work that you do. It is highly appreciated by us all. So if you have a skill or talent that could assist your local school, or an idea for a fundraising event please contact your local school as I am sure they would be grateful for your contribution, no matter how big or small.


On Sunday at 15:00 The I-Zone will also be delivering a great motivational speech from our friends in California – Team Fearless – Courage and Fear! So sit back, buckle up and get ready for that motivational ride that will eject you at full speed to complete and fulfil your goals. I will be providing for you my carefully selected playlist of the most powerful inspirational songs ever, in Hindi, English and Punjabi in order to get you into gear for the week ahead to tackle your challenges and make a difference.

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Remember, you are special and don’t let anyone else tell you anything different. Keep your self inspired and motivated. Thank you all for your great support.