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Village Green 2015

17th August 2015
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

The Village Green Festival returned once again this year with the tickets at the same low price as they were the previous year. The 7th annual music and arts festival was in Chalkwell Park on 11th July 2015 featuring brilliant music from Nitin Sawhney, Roland Gift, and Nothing But Thieves. The festival was begun by upcoming pop group, Arcaves and singing twins, Laurel & Scarlett.

Photo: David Walker
Photo: David Walker

We spoke to Laurel & Scarlett after their performance, they said:

“It’s a bit mad, we only started ‘gigging’ last October. It’s all a bit crazy but it is so fun, we are finally doing what we enjoy and we are doing it together.”

The six main stages were supported by many different sections and tents including the brilliant Games Tent with games going on like ‘Musical Flares’ and ‘Giant Pass-the-Parcel’. Members of the public were recruited to take part in a ‘balloon debate’ competition – this really was great fun!
Sawhney and Gift both delivered show-stopping performances featuring a variety of music from over the years.

Photo: David Walker
Photo: David Walker

We spoke to Sawhney about his performance, he said:

“Ultimately, I love what I do. When I was growing up, it was what most kids dreamt about doing. Working in music is the best thing which I could imagine”

The festival allowed adults and children to see many different artists from different cultures which you would not normally see together. The date for Village Green 2016 is:

Saturday 9th July 2016 – tickets are available here.

Photo: Benedict Johnson
Photo: Benedict Johnson