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Weekend Breakfast 14th January!

14th January 2018
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Johnny’s back on the Weekend Breakfast for the new year. A jam-packed show today, here’s the highlights!

Johnny may have found the perfect job for chicken nugget lovers:

Celebrity Birthdays:

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Chef (53)

Lil Cool J, Rapper (50)

Dave Grohl, American drummer (49)

Jack P Shepherd, Actor (30)

Frankie Bridge, Singer (29)

The front & back pages this Sunday:

He spoke to Elsa Harford all about the new exhibition at the Focal Point Gallery:

There was some debate about Johnny’s new haircut:

In hour 2, Johnny found out about a supermarket mix-up:

Followed by this week’s Trump Sings courtesy of Maestro Ziikos:

He caught up with Ralphy Ralph Dog:

Amanda from Alamanda Therapy Animals joined Johnny:

We also got the first play of Ian Haywood‘s new song: Beautiful Wild out tomorrow! (Monday 15th)


Thanks for listening, Johnny is back next Sunday from 9-12.