Weekend Breakfast 19th March!

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John back here on Gateway 97.8 with your Sunday morning Weekend Breakfast!

We kicked off hour 1 with the sad news about the passing of Chuck Berry.

Celebrity birthdays:

Bruce Willis, 62 (Actor)

Benny Fine, 35 (Fine Bros)

Glenn Close, 70 (Actress)

Garrett Clayton, 26 (Actor)

We looked over the front and back pages of the papers:

Then we had Jamie Long’s Entertainment Roundup:

We kicked off hour 2 by talking to EU Digital Girl of the Year, Yasmin Bey:

Our singalong song was YMCA – Village People!

We also had Talking Travel.

In hour 3, we looked at the TV highlights for the evening:

5 Gold Rings – Phillip Schofield hosts the quiz show in which two teams battle it out against the clock for a chance to win 25,000 pounds. ITV 7-8

Dave’s Guide to Spending Money – Burnley businessman Dave Fishwick explores whether consumers are getting value for money on a range of goods and services. CHANNEL 4 6-7

The Big Painting Challenge – Mariella Frostrup and Rev Richard Coles host the final of the amateur painting competition, with the artists facing two nail-biting challenges BBC 1 6-7

Top Gear – Matt LeBlanc’s review of the Aston Martin DB11 is thwarted by Chris Harris and a very evil Mercedes. BBC 2 8-9

We also had played Katy Forkings‘ new track: Find my Feet.

We spoke to Katy afterwards:

And that’s all we had time for today! Join me, John Jenkins, again next week for the Weekend Breakfast from 9am!

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