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Woolmer Philharmonic Orchestra

12th August 2014
Posted by Aris

Friday 1st August. 7pm. I arrive at a lovely venue, dimmed lighting gives way to candlelight burning from wine bottles on round tables. The atmosphere is sultry, relaxing and electric all at the same time.

After ordering and indulging in delicious food, aesthetically displayed by highly friendly staff … it begins.

The curtains part and an orchestra is revealed at the front of the hall. The room quietens and everyone turns their attention to what is to be an unforgettable evening.

Various stringed instruments as well as the lovely tone of a piano transport me. Enveloped by the wonderful music, The Woolmer Philharmonic Orchestra (WPO) performs beautifully.

The hours seem to pass within minutes and before I know it, the performance is finished.

“Encore”. The audience asks for more. One final piece of music fills the hall. I only wish it could have lasted longer.

These words and photos don’t do it justice, but just know that it was a wonderful evening experiencing classical music live. Some I was familiar with, others a nice surprise.

I truly got into it and if you wish to find out more then visit the website or head over to their Facebook page

Plus if you wish to experience the WPO for yourself, they will be back sometime in February, so make sure to check them out to be kept up-to-date and informed.

Thank you once again to Hannah Woolmer – Soloist (violin), Daniel Roberts – Guest soloist (piano), Liam Parradine – Conductor, the WPO and the staff at Civic Hall in Grays for a great night!