The changing food of Christmas

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New research released today looks at the evolution of the Christmas dinner and how our festive food habits have changed over time. Turkey has been the most popular main course … Read More

Why do we serve up turkey and mince pies for Christmas

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The way we celebrate Christmas has undergone many transformations from generation to generation, from a rambunctious medieval feast to a sumptuous sugar banquet under Queen Elizabeth I and finally emerging as the Christmas we know today in the Victorian era. … Read More

Growing pains

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Homework, animal cruelty and having enough friends are among the biggest worries of children today, with a quarter feeling anxious about something every single day. It also emerged the whirlwind … Read More

Alexis Conran on Gateway 97.8

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Financial pressures are mounting on the UK’s cash-strapped consumers still struggling to pay off last Christmas’s spending splurge. Indeed, 9.1 million struggled financially after last Christmas’s extravagances with a further … Read More

Digital natives stereotypes

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High streets up and down the country have seen a steadily declining footfall as many Britons choose the convenience of online shopping. However, the latest figures show that Generation Z … Read More