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Dapz On The Map Interview

2nd August 2014
Posted by Chris Tiernan

On Last Fridays show i was very pleased to have included one of Birmingham’s finest MC’s / Singers , ‘Dapz On The Map’. Dapz is really making a name for himself in today’s Grime scene and has recently dropped what could be one of the biggest Grime EP’s of 2014, ‘Froggy’. Its a collaboration EP with another one of Birmingham’s fast rising stars ‘JayKae’, and i think they’ve made it pretty clear that were gonna be hearing some big things in the near future. There not going anywhere, make sure you get your copy of Froggy in the Download link below.

In the interview me & Dapz where talking Froggy, Invasion Alert, who he would like to work with & loads more. Make sure you have a listen and keep up to date with Dapz & the rest of the invasion crew in the links below. There’s lots to be heard from both Dapz, Jaykae, Invasion Alert, and a whole load of other artists killing it up in Birmingham right now. The future of Grime is looking very promising.

Aired: 01/0814

Froggy EP Itunes / Froggy EP Hard Copy




P110 Media

Depzman #2REAL


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