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Good Afternoon with Alison H Welcome to the Potting Shed

17th May 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Potting Shed

Listen online now to the interview with Sharon White from Allium Garden & Property Services
I met Sharon White our Gardening Guru early this morning in her potting shed, what a wet few days it has been!

Sharon has spoken today about what to do in the garden and what fruit and vegetable to grow. This is a really handy week by week guide for the advanced enthusiast and the budding beginner of what to do in the garden.

Listen online now to the interview with Sharon White from Allium Garden & Property Services
Contact [email protected] or 0780 66 300 12

Allium Garden & Property Services Weekly Gardening Guide

Plant up hanging baskets and leave them in a sheltered spot before hanging fully outside
Plant out potted alliums in groups to add interest to flowerbeds
Prune spring-flowering shrubs immediately after flowering. Such as forsythia, ribes, chameleons
Regularly water newly newly planted trees, roses, shrubs and hedging
Finish Planting out gladioli corns in groups of drifts in boarders
Spread shredded bark mulches around established shrubs and trees to conserve soil moisture and suppress weeds
Feed tulips & spring bulbs
Tie in new shoots of blackberries and cane fruits to support wirer’s
Sow sweetcorn in deep pots, raising strong young plants to transport into the garden in June
Pinch off strawberry runners as soon as they develop, to stop them competing with developing fruit for nutrients
Earth up soil around emerging shoots which encourages higher yields
Sow seeds of the following croups outside this week, radish, spring onions, coriander, parsley and chives
Out up shading to reflect scorching sunlight and keep temperatures down
Open all vents on warm days, but close again in the evening
Order plug plants and seedlings by post, and pot up as soon as they arrive
Take leaf cuttings from house-plants, including African Violets, begonias and Cape primrose
Hang yellow sticky traps over plants to catch whitefly and flying pests
Sow seeds of herbs such as parsley, chives, coriander, garlic, basil. Dill, fennel, mint, thyme, sage, and lovage
Plant tender crops outside, covering them with cloches when night temperature fall
Dig out perennial weeds such as couch grass and bindweed, from boarders as soon as you spot them.
Wash dust off the foliage of house-plants, and apply leaf shine product to leafy plants
Take cuttings from hydrangeas, fuchsias, and penstemons, using the soft shoot tips
Feed house-plants weekly from now to autumn

Herrongate Wood

I have also had guests Ray Ward -Senior Partner & Penny Cook Business Development Partner from Herrongate Wood, They are a family funeral directors & Woodland Cementary. Their statement is ‘Rest forever in a Bluebell Wood’.

They offer a natural green burial in a bluebell wood. Currently all that pre-book will get a £25.00 donation from the funeral directors to St Luke’s Hospice.

Today they are at the Beehive centre on the 17th May
Burials – cremation – Ashes Burial 01277 633 085