Anna Kennedy: “Who will look after my sons when I am no longer around?”

22nd February 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Gateway 97.8 contributor, Anna Kennedy OBE, has written a petition urging the government to rethink social care policy around disabled adults and their families.

Anna, who has two autistic adult sons, asks the government: who will look after my sons when I am no longer around?

According to the petition, addressed to minister Helen Whately, parents and adults with a disability are feeling the pressures of lockdown. Anna says better planning and funding is urgently needed for future care needs so the right support is in place at the right time.

Speaking to Gateway 97.8, Anna Kennedy OBE said:

“‘Who will look after my sons when I am gone?’ It’s a question that’s at the back of mind constantly.

“Speaking to many parents, carers and autistic adults it’s a question that keeps them up at night and the biggest worry they have for their future.

“Please sign and share my petition so that we are able to at least open this discussion with Dept of Health and Social Care and forge the way forward'”

You can sign the petition by visiting this link.

Image: property of Anna Kennedy OBE.