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Hospital supporter gets his own standing ovation

3rd June 2020
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

The Mayor of Basildon, David Burton-Sampson and NHS staff have officially thanked Colin Wilkinson, who since April has stood and applauded NHS staff at Basildon hospital every morning as they come into work.

At a socially-distanced presentation today outside Basildon Hospital Mayor David Burton-Sampson presented Mr Wilkson with a gift, acknowledging his ceaseless support at the rainbow banner outside Basildon Hospital everyday. 

Dani Mayo, Lead Chaplain at Basildon Hospital, thanked Mr Wilkinson on behalf of staff and led a prayer for Mr Wilkinson who is a devoted Christian.

Dani presented him with a card from the hospital and with staff in attendance – they returned the inspiration and clapped for Mr Wilkson thanking him for his daily support through the coronavirus pandemic.

Basildon Mayor David Burton-Sampson said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on Basildon, the UK, and around the world – and seeing the action of one man, supporting hospital and NHS staff, patients and visitors every day is a tribute to what it takes for us all to get through this crisis.

“Without the support of others we are nothing – and this has not been clearer in recent memory than in these past weeks and months. On behalf of Basildon, thank you Mr Wilkson for being a beacon of hope and support every day through May – today we’re clapping for you.”

Dani said:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by Colin’s dedication and commitment these last 40 days. He’s been welcoming and clapping our staff day in and day out.

“We’ll all hold Colin in our hearts in these days to come, as he’s been a light in the darkest of moments. We’re really grateful for how he has supported us here at Basildon.”

Mr Wilkinson has said that on the morning of Saturday 25 April he went up to the banner to pray but then began clapping as NHS staff came into work at the hospital – and has returned every day since. He has indicated that he will be wrapping up his vigil this week.

In addition to gaining recognition in the media and social media Mr Wilkinson has received thanks from NHS staff and people who have lost relatives to Covid-19 – the latter two of which helped guide his daily clapping and support.

The Mayor joined Johnny on Drivetime. Hear the interview by clicking here.

Image: Basildon Council